2020: Gesellschaftsspiele, Haus des Spiels, Nuremberg, BBK (Professional Association of Visual Artists) Wir können Kunst


Space-filling game development with different materials and interactions. The strengths and weaknesses of the game characters develops during the game and the sense of community is expressed through playing.


2019: Game-Work-Shop, Fusion Festival Urban Games Festival, Cultural Capital 2019 Matura, Italy


The game is a human-sized board game in urban space combined with different forms of role-play. 

Game of Creativity

2018: Conference of the Design Science Institut MunichLeucorea, Wittenberg


2019: Reloaded - Das kreative Spiel mit der digitalen Welt, In: Zimmermann, R.E., Järvenpää, S., Dobler R.M. (eds.), Signifikant, Jahrbuch für Strukturwandel und Diskurs 2


A cat is a cat is a cat is a cat. Theoretical approach on Grumpy Cat as an example of digital creativity.


Photo by Games for Health

2016: European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR), Vienna

2017: Games for Health Conference, Utrecht


The Game Encounter, Citizen’s Game - Playing Society. The approach of the game is to recognise as many social figures as possible while creating a society.