Photo by Swetlana Wist

Studio at Heizhaus

Wandererstr. 89a, 90431 Nuremberg



Photo by Sebastian Pfaller

Studio at Haus des Spiels, PlayLAB

Egidienplatz 23, 90403 Nuremberg 

Mobile Studio

Photo by Elisabeth Lurz

The Urban Play Box is a cultural, artistic, crafty, urban, playful and social surprise box and can be booked for individual Workshops.

Team up with:

Lena Hendlmeier had studied Art Therapy at the HKT Nuertingen (UAS), holds the Bachelor in Design of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (focus on public space, installation and concrete) and finished her Master in Advanced Design at the Hochschule München (UAS) (focus on social space and behavior, game and system science). Her practice in lecturing, as well as her technical support in different institutions increases a concentration on process cycles and lively social spaces. The ceramic skills she grew in the family business, which is now continued by her in second generation. Her independent work is to be found between art, design and craftsmanship and concentrates on material, space and interaction.