Clay Colours

Stoneware, Slab building

2020: Experiments with clay colours and colouring clay

Goerg & Schneider

Stoneware, Slab building, Sgraffito

2020: #coronaart by Goerg & Schneider GmbH u. Co. KG, Boden, Mould making in process


Photos by Alex Bucea

Stoneware, Slab building

2019: Gartenlaube der Kunst, Ottobrunn

2018: Kunstgiesserei Gallery, Munich, Exhibit with Kerol Montagna


Stoneware, Slab Building, Print-, Sgraffito-Technique, 2017

Structures & Rhythm

Photos by Klohäuschen / Hendlmeier Studios

2018: KloHäuschen Biennale, Munich

Crazy Nate's

Stoneware, Slab Building, Handprinted, Illustration by Kim the Butcher

2017/2018: Crazy Nate's West Coast Mexican, Nuremberg

Black & White Spaces

Photos by Alex Bucea

Stoneware, Slab building, Sgraffito

2017/2018: Kunstgiesserei Gallery, Munich, Gartenlaube der Kunst, Ottobrunn

Object & System

Stoneware, Slab building

2018: commissioned work

Ceramic Characters

Photos by Lenka Winkler / Alex Bucea

Stoneware, Slab building

2017/2018: Gartenlaube der Kunst, Ottobrunn, Kunstgiesserei Gallery, Munich