Urban Play Box

The Urban Play Box is a cultural, artistic, crafty, urban, playful and social surprise box. In various workshops, it invites people to think about urban space* and its inhabitants* and to shape public space in the sense of an urban intervention.

Book the mobile Studio

Photo by Elisabeth Lurz

The Urban Play Box can be booked for individual Workshops. We travel to the wished destination or visit different institution on site.

Drop a line: infourbanplaybox@gmail.com

Tour 2 Nuremberg

Photos by Elisabeth Lurz

2020: Urban Play Box Tour 2, Haus des SpielsHeizhaus, Nuremberg 


Creating a temporary, urban playground next to the Haus des Spiels im Peststadl and experimenting with concrete in the Heizhaus.

Tour 1 Nuremberg

Photos by Lena Priebe

2020: Urban Play Box Tour 1, Project HIVE Gaming, Haus des Spiels, Nuremberg


Playfully exploring fabric printing, concrete casting and modelling with clay on Egidienplatz and in the Quellepark.

Tierische Spiele

2020: Tierische Spiele, Feierwerk Funkstation, Munich


The Feierwerk Funkstation invited to an artistic play festival. The participants* designed individual play figures, play actions, play landscapes and played the designed game.

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